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Broomstikz Animation U.S. contact:

Tim Dowland
Project Coordinator
(913) 244-7735

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Broomstikz Animation
8900 W. 124th st.
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Hire An Animator with More Style and More Excitement!
Do you need to hire an animator? Is there a special project that you need animated and produced in a professional timely manner?  We'll be more than happy to help you with any and all stages of development and for a very reasonable rate.

It doesn't matter if you just need a 30 second clip for a commercial, a four minute bit for a music video, or some full thirty minute episodes or pilots for your next T.V. series. We can even help you with full cutscene projects for your upcoming video game; with book illustrations and website art or website animations to go with it. Our highest talents have real industry experience and have worked on some very well known and high profile animated t.v. shows and projects.
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Highly Competitive Rates:
•  Professional Color Animation:
•  Animated T.V. Shows
•  Animated Movies
•  Music Videos and Commercials
  Concept Art 
•  Story Boards

•  Digital Illustration for books/websites  
•  Illustrations for Hard Copy Books/Magazines

If there's anything you need- Just let us know!
So what are your rates?
We're actually a small home grown company and animation is a unique concept; our rates are determined by the overall difficulty of the project. We at broomstikz animation prefer to follow a simple "per minute pricing concept" with a set price per minute of finalized animation produced; and an adjustable pricing scale for projects with variable degrees of difficulty. Our rates are very affordable. Feel free to contact us at any time to get a free quote. We don't bite and you may be pleasently surprised.
Need to Hire An Animator?
Get a free quote here or Call us: (913) 244 7735
Note: The best time to reach us about new projects and inquiries will be in the evenings from 5pm-11pm central time. Please feel free to call anytime however 24hrs a day, If you do not reach us we will respond within 48 hrs.
Thank you so much and Have a great day!
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We work over the internet!
The modern age has so many great advantages! Now that we have the internet, it will allow us to help you no matter where you are in the world! We can quote you over the phone and we can start your projects immediatley. All completed files can be delivered right to your favorite computer via e-mail or our free direct download service. We can skype with you or your representatives with screen sharing and drawing pad applications... This also helps us keep costs down for us and prices down for you! What are you waiting for?
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Hire a 2D animator - Get your animations done in two dimensional art
2D animation has been a very popular style for a long time. We do work in 3D too which is somewhat popular, but 2D is the most popular choice still. There are all kinds of cartoons still airing in two dimensional animation. A lot of our clients seem to prefer 2D for commercials and such. It is a very interesting and free flowing style that has been around for a very long time. Now everything is mostly digital. They used to use flapper boards with thousands of paintings flipped at a time creating the appearance of motion. This also required a special camera which were large clunky and expensive. In a way it's kind of sad to see it go, but things have gotten somewhat easier since.

Hire a cartoon animator - we would love to help you animate your cartoons
So many people of the world enjoy cartoons, they're a great medium for teaching, learning, selling and entertainment. There is just something special about the way cartoons move and act that seems to attract a lot of attention from people. The greatest thing about cartooning is the fact that it allows for unbridaled creativity. It's like playing "god" with a paint brush or stylis.

Hire a music video animator - The popularity of music videos together with animation is taking off
The first video to be broadcast on MTV over the air waves was the one and only song: Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles. The release of this music video was the catalyst for a technological revolution. Following it's release during the year 1979 the music alone first showed up on the Billboard charts in the United States. Since that year, history has been made. Everyone knows what a music video is. I can't think of a single person who hasn't seen one.

Hire a commercial animator - Let us help you make some great looking commercials
Maybe you need a commercial to air on tv, or you want an animated video for your website. We can help with that. Most commercials are rather short only around a minute usually - give or take. Our animators are quite good at whipping up great concepts. You can either just have us animate it only; while you or your team write the commercial yourself, and find the voice actors and everything or we also provide full production services for an additional charge. (i.e. Script, Voice acting, Sound effects, music etc.) As a valued customer, choosing our full production plan, all you'll need to have is a rough idea of what you want and we can help with the rest.

Hire a televison animator - Let us help you animate for television
Do you have something that you want animated for television? The tv has been around for what seams like forever. If you want a series, pilot, commercial, or segment animated - we'd like to help you with it. As our animators have worked on many well known or popular television series and projects. Mostly for companies in the U.S. and a few in France and Spain. We want to work with all countries and nationalities. Bottom line... If you want a television animator, hire us.

Hire a TV Show animator - Animated TV shows are everywhere even online now
I guess technically if they're online shows, they can't be considered a TV show, more like a web show. We would love to assist you in the animation of your next TV show. As stated before there are a lot of TV shows our animators have worked on. Check out our master portfolio at the top of the page.

Hire a film animator - Animated films are great entertainment especially when they are done well
Good films that are animated can be truly amazing. It sometimes can be a difficult task to find a qualified team to animate your film. We would like to apply for the job. We would like to offer our assistance to help your projects succeed on time and on budget. If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to contact us, you can get a free quote here, or just call 913 244 7735. We're based out of Kansas City, KS and we have a team in manilla as well.

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